Fine Robusta Vietnam

Fine Robusta Vietnam


Farming / Production / Processing / Packing
USD 5 to 10M
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No. 978, Truong Chinh street, Ward 15, Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh city.
At Fine Robusta Vietnam, we have dedicated all our resources and technology to produce premium Robusta Coffee – achieving Fine Robusta certification from CQI – Coffee Quality Institute. This is not just about producing specialty Robusta coffee; it’s also about cultivating organic Robusta coffee in harmony with nature, combining agriculture and forestry practices for a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable way.
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Why Us

100% Organic Fertilizers and Microbial Agents

There are no chemicals in FiRo's coffee forest. 100% organic fertilizers are sourced from agricultural scrap products. We apply biological technology throughout the entire cultivation process.

Waste Recycling

100% of waste within FiRo's economic chain is recycled. Coffee fruit husks and wastewater treatment sludge are used as materials for organic fertilizer production. Coffee parchment husks and dust from the dry milling system are utilized for pellet production

Ecological and Environmental Conservation

Not only does protect coffee plants, but FiRo also preserves shade trees, windbreak plants, and ground cover vegetation. The FiRo cultivation process avoids the use of pesticides for a diverse ecosystem.

"Green" Economic Chain

We prioritize the use of 'green' energy sources such as solar energy for HVAC systems, wind energy for lighting and irrigation, and electric energy for the drying process to ensure zero CO2 emissions. We employ advanced biological technology to eliminate the use of chemicals, incorporating them in cultivation, wastewater treatment, and composting processes,...



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