Mercafe Agri Products Inc

Mercafe Agri Products Inc


Farming / Production / Processing / Packing
USD 5 to 10M
51-100 employees
Not Yet
Street 5, Phu Hoi Industrial Zone, Phu Hoi Hamlet, Duc Trong Ward, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam
Mercafe, member of the Mercon Group, is our export operations and green coffee processing in Southern Vietnam. We are located in the provinces of Dong Nai and Lam Dong. ​Our main focus at Mercafe is to provide first-class Robusta and Arabica coffee while incorporating sustainable production practices. We are proud to work with over 1,900 farmers that are devoted to the production of coffee of the highest quality. In Vietnam, we work closely with these partners to offer unique and special products.
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Mercon Specialty coffees represent a unique and exquisite selection of our highest quality products in Vietnam. The special care we provide to these exceptional batches, allows us to provide a cup of the highest quality


By implementing sustainable production practices, innovative processing methods and storage at our state of the art warehouses we allow our coffees to consistently showcase their uniqueness and versatility. We invite you to discover Mercon Specialty and be delighted by their delicious flavors and aromas.



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